Conservative Group Releases Reports on Maine Job Growth 

A conservative think tank says two new reports on employment in Maine show the need for changes to tax laws to allow businesses to grow. The Maine Heritage Policy Center discussed the findings of those reports at a news conference today in Brewer. The reports look at the growth of jobs in the last 15 years in two areas – the commercial sector and the non-commercial sector, made up of government, not-for-profit and religious organizations. The center’s chief economist, Scott Moody, says Maine ranks 40th in the country for jobs creation, with a heavy decline in manufacturing jobs.He says reforming the tax code could help turn that round.”What we need to look at are things like immediate expensing, which would allow companies to write off capital expenditures in the year that they make them. What that would do is allow companies to start investing, which would increase production in the state and create more jobs.”The reports show Maine has the 11th largest non-commercial sector of jobs in the country. Moody says jobs in that area thrive off taxes and charitable contributions and aren’t designed to boost the economy.To take a closer look at the reports yourself, you can log on to and click on latest research.