Brewer Food Cupboard to Move Locations 

A long-time food cupboard in Brewer is moving. They say they need more space, because demand for their services continues to grow.”It started as a ministry of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in the early ’80s, so it’s been here about 25 years.”These days the food on the shelves of the Brewer Christian Food Cupboard feeds nearly 700 people in brewer and surrounding communities. More than 200 clients visit regularly.That’s according to manager, Jim Roche.”We try to fill the gap. We can’t give them food for a whole month, but our food will probably last them at least five days,” Roche says.The cupboard is now supported by 10 area Christian churches, and helped by nearly 50 volunteers.Janet Moll started volunteering five years ago.”We have been looking, almost since I joined the food cupboard, we’ve been looking for a place to move ourselves into,” Moll says. “We need more space.”They tell us the need comes because the demand for the food they provide just keeps growing.”We’re getting more clients. Almost every single Wednesday we’re open we get at least three or four new clients,” Moll says.”We’ve had 75 applicants just since January,” Roche says.This week the city approved their plans to move into a new space. It’s just down the road at 71 Center street.Roche says it will be more accessible for clients, and also allow them to bring their extra storage in-house, from Calvary Baptist Church.”Our volunteers have all agreed we’re on the fundraising bandwagon again and we’re looking to raise money, just like a lot of other food cupboards are. And we’re always looking for food.”They plan to move into their new space in August.