Proposed Restrictions for Sex Offenders in Bangor 

Some folks in Bangor are looking to get an ordinance passed to put restrictions on where sex offenders can live in the city. The Bangor City Council’s Government Operations Committee discussed the proposed ordinance at their meeting Tuesday evening. Currently there is no restriction on where sex offenders can live. This new ordinance would restrict sex offenders convicted of certain crimes from living within 750 feet of the playground area of a park.Angela Hoy, a Bangor resident and the one bringing this issue to the council, says many sex offenders live within a half mile of the city’s schools and parks.Hoy says this is even more dangerous if those offenders are convicted of sex crimes against children. She says giving them unrestricted access to those areas puts kids at risk.”If they see a specific child over and over and over again, like across the street at the park every, or on their way to school and back everyday, chances are they’re going to become fixated on one of those children and target that child,” explains Hoy.The committee voted unanimously to send the issue to to the full council for a first reading. That will be on Tuesday, August 10.