Medical Marijuana Dispensary Sites Discussed 

By next year state officials expect to see eight medical marijuana dispensaries open in Maine. Northeast Patients Group of Portland will run at least four of the sites. Currently, NPG has two proposed locations executive director Becky DeKauster says may work. One building is located on Water Street in Waterville. Neighbors to the proposed site Andrew and Beverly Busque say they support medical marijuana dispensaries, but they oppose the Water Street location. “You don’t take a crime infested neighborhood as Water Street and reward their behavior with a medical marijuana facility.” says Beverly Busque. Waterville’s police chief opposes the dispensaries move into the Elm city too. “Over the past decade, there’s been a lot of efforts with the south end residents and the police department to improve the quality of life down there.” Massey says. He adds, “I don’t see us having some positive impact out of us having a medical marijuana dispensary within the city.” The Discovery House, which is a methadone clinic has been in Waterville for the past six years. Massey says the police have handled a number of problems linked to the methadone clinic over the years, which leads Massey to believe the same types of issues will arise with a medical marijuana dispensary. “With that has brought some very concerning issues such as operating under the influence. I think we will see those types of things as people come in from other areas to purchase medical marijuana.” Massey says. NPG has also chosen a site in Augusta on Middle Road that they may be able to operate out of. The potential problem with that location currently is that the building is not within the medical district, which is required if a dispensary were to open there. A public hearing is set for 7 p.m. on June 27 at City Hall to discuss the possibility of rezoning the area to include the Middle Road.