MDI Preparing For Presidential Arrival 

People here in Northeast Harbor have been buzzing with excitement since the news of the Obama’s MDI vacation was announced this week. Kylie Kiener is a summer resident of Northeast Harbor. “I think everybody’s excited. It’s kind of like an honor, it’s the President of the United States. It’s the toughest job probably in the world so yeah it’s great.”Executive Director of the MDI Chamber of Commerce John Lawrence says the Obama’s visit has quickly become the talk of the island. “Well we just found out about it a few days ago and there does seem to be a lot of excitement,” he says. “It’s a rare opportunity ton have the President of the United States come to our island and to our little village.”Local businesses are hoping that a presidential visit will mean increased foot traffic on Main street.Stephanie Reece owns The Colonel’s Restaurant. “I know he’s going to be on this side of the island so that would be exciting if people were roaming around trying to catch a glimpse of the first family.”While other store owners, like Sam Shaw of Shaw’s Jewelrs, are counting on the President himself to pay them a visit. “I am totally anticipating he is going to come in and buy something for Michelle and the rest of the people, that would be fabulous if it happens but i’m fully expecting the man himself,” says Shaw.For some folks the anticipation continues to build for the first family’s arrival, but others around here say they’ve grown accustomed to seeing the rich and famous strolling along Main street. “We do see them quite often,” says lawrence. “There’s a reason why they come here. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world.””I did have the King and Empress of of Japan visit me,” says Shaw, “and that was my first experience with men with curly things behind their ear and four black suburbans pulling up out front.”The details of the obama’s vacation are being kept quiet. They’re expected to arrive some time Friday or Saturday.