Logger’s Insurance 

The Varney Agency and Pelletier Brothers have teamed up and announced a new business venture.Varney Agency will now offer logging insurance.The Pelletier Brothers have been insured by Varney’s for years.And Tim Varney decided he wanted to offer something that could help the entire logging industry.The new insurance will bare the now famous “american loggers” name.Rudy Pelletier says it’s a step in the right direction.” A lot of people do struggle to get insurance especially in the logging industry because of the rates of the danger of being out in the woods.”” Probably the part that’s unique about this is insurance companies always tell you what they want to do but they very rarely tell you how to do it. And by using what’s been a proven cost effective way to employ safety programs with the Pelletier Brothers we’ll be able to take that same thing and go into smaller companies, even single operators and help employ those safety programs.” They are currently licensed in 39 states, Maine being one of those. And they say they are working to expand it to all states.