Bangor Police Make 21 Parks ‘Safe Zones’ 

Many of the public parks in Bangor are now sporting some new signs, in an effort to make them “Safe Zones.”Officials say “Safe Zones” are treated similar to schools, in that, drug dealing in or near to them subjects the dealer to stiffer penalties. Bangor police worked with the city’s health and services department to put up the signs, which also warn about drinking in public.Police say they’ve been working to increase their presence in many local parks, after calls from parents reporting illegal activity. And they tell us, it seems to be working.”Stepping up patrols in parks, we noticed a positive effect. In terms of people in the parks at night, it’s really decreased,” says Sgt. Brad Johnston, Bangor Police.The parks that have the new signs are:Bangor Gardens, Broadway Park, Cascade Park, Chapin Park, Coe Park, Dakin Park, Davenport Park, Essex Street Recreation Area, Fairmount Park, Gomez Park, Hayford Park/ Pancoe Pool, Kenduskeag Stream Park, Little City Park, Pickering Square, Pierce Park, Second Street Park, Stillwater Park, Skate Park, Summit Park, Taylor Field and Williams Park.