Real ID Causing Real Problems 

In 2007, Maine was the first state in the nation to reject the federal real i-d act. Today, the state is complying with the federal law designed to make it harder for terrorists and illegal immigrants to get government-issued identification. However, it’s proving to be a nightmare for some Mainers. Edwin Lively of Winslow could lose his driver’s license if he isn’t able to provide the required documentation needed to renew it. Lively is a veteran and has had his license since 1973. The veteran was born on a US military base in France. That based closed in 1967, leaving Lively with no way to obtain a certified copy of his birth certificate, which is one of the documents needed to prove US citizenship. Lively has been given a 60-day extension on his license, however he still doesn’t know if he will be able to renew his license for good. Secretary of state Matthew Dunlap admits the department of motor vehicles has seen cases like Lively’s. Dunlap says the department works with people to get the necessary documentation although it’s not always easy or quick. Dunlap says, “99% of the time they find a way to help somebody and stay within the letter of the law.”