Car Fire Stalls Morning Commute in Holden 

Traffic came to a halt in Holden Monday morning, after a car caught fire on Route 1A.It happened around 8 a.m., at the intersection of Church Road.Authorities say the engine compartment of the vehicle caught fire.The driver was able to get out safely, and emergency crews were able to keep the flames contained to the compartment.Fire fighters say their primary challenge was other cars on the road.”Right now, the traffic volume through Route 1A in Holden is in excess of 20,000 vehicles per day,” says James Ellis, Holden Fire Chief. “This occurred right during the morning commute, so traffic’s heavy. For the safety of passing motorists and for our fire fighters, we shut down Route 1A down, like we often have to do for car accidents.”Route 1A opened back up about 30 minutes later.