Memorial Unveiled for Plane Crash Victims 

Sunday was the 66th anniversary of a plane crash that killed 19 people in South Portland.It is remembered as the worst plane crash in Maine’s history, because so many people died.To ensure the victims are never forgotten, a new memorial was unveiled Sunday.The dedication ceremony was held near the crash site, at the entrance to the Redbank Village on Westbrook Street.The memorial is a block of granite, engraved with the names of the victims.They were killed in 1944, when a military plane crashed into a trailer park along the banks of Long Creek.90 people were badly injured, many of them children who were burned.Sunday some of those survivors, who were children then, are now in their 70’s and 80’s.Legend has it that the pilot, Army Lieutenant Philip Russell, was returning home to see his infant daughter for the first time. She was at the dedication Sunday.She was just three months old when her father’s plane crashed. “To experience something like this, to have all of the people to come together that have come together to do this in honor of my father and the other victims that were lost and the people who lost their loved-ones here is such a gift that they can be proud of,” “We finally have got something to remind us of this tragedy that we can come and just set here and think about that day. I’m a fortunate one, I survived that day, so it’s going to be a lot, a time for me to come sit on the survivor’s bench…I’m going to be here a lot.”Old photos of the actual crash and aftermath are hard to come by.An entire mobile home community was nearly wiped-out.Some of the victims still remember the children’s hair on fire, as survivors scrambled to douse the flames.