The Tarts Have Arrived at Frank’s Bake Shop 

When the summer heat came early this year, so did summer raspberries. That means a special day at Frank’s Bake Shop in Bangor, because the tarts have arrived.The word is out- the tarts are in.”Actually there are people, knowing the raspberries are in, come in and say, ‘You got tarts yet?'” says Bernadette Gaspar.Now that the day has come, people are lining up at Frank’s Bake Shop in Bangor for a taste.”Yes, I came for tarts,” says Phyllis Pushard, of Bangor.”I’m not the only one who likes raspberries, obviously,” Gaspar says.Bernadette Gaspar has been making the famous raspberry tarts for nearly 20-years now, filling the cookie dough shells with a little bit of cream cheese, berry sauce and sweet, local, raspberries.”We like the fresh raspberry underneath the filling so you have that little gush. You got to have that little taste of summer,” Gaspar says. “The sauce is all fresh and it’s a cool treat. It’s great for summer days,” says baker, Emily Stevens.They’ve always been popular and these days, Bernadette has many helpers putting them together. Last year, she sold five-thousand raspberry tarts.”You’re lucky if you can get a tray of a dozen out there. Sometimes the girls are standing there with boxes and I have to fill them, the customers are just waiting for the tarts,” Gaspar says.”Oh, just yummy, very sweet, tastes likes raspberry. They’re delicious,” Pushard says.As always, the season won’t last long. With an early start this year, Bernadette has just one worry.”I hope that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be able carry through to the end of August,” she says. “Some people who come in every year from away, if they come in in August and don’t get any they might be a little upset. But I’m hoping we’re going to find a way to do it.”She says if you want to be safe, head in soon. And remember, the tarts also might not last long once you get them home.”Ten minutes!” Pushard says.