‘Victory Ride’ Against Diabetes Comes to Maine 

A husband and wife are riding their motorcycles on a 13-thousand mile trip around the United States. Thursday, that journey brought them to Rockland.Laura and Kenny Wulf are from Iowa – and they’re on a “Victory Ride” against diabetes.Doctors told Laura when she was young, her diabetes meant she wouldn’t live past 25. She says she became depressed and didn’t manage her symptoms, making things worse, even making her think of taking her own life. She tells us it wasn’t until she found a good diabetes counselor that she really started to live again.That’s why Thursday the couple stopped at the PenBay Diabetes and Nutrition Care Center in Rockland, to urge others to seek help if they need it.”The educators here, they’re here to help and they’re closer to a person than a doctor. Without her educational counselor, we wouldn’t be where we are. She wouldn’t be having the Victory Ride,” says Kenny Wulf.”If I can help anybody change their life for the better, and take good care of themselves, that’s what this trip is about,” says Laura Wulf.The Diabetes and Nutrition Care Center offers diabetes education and nutritional counseling, they say, to help people with diabetes live their lives to the fullest. You can reach the center at 596-8537.The Wulfs will be riding across the U.S. for the next five weeks, and Laura says, enjoying every minute. For more information on the Victory Ride, you can find it online, at