Vice Admiral Speaks to Bangor Group About Energy 

We are too dependent on fossil fuels, and we rely too much on unfriendly nations to ship it to us.That is the message of Retired Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, a former commander of the U.S. Third Fleet.He spoke to a group of state leaders Thursday in Bangor, saying our country’s policies on energy and climate change put our security at risk.McGinn says we need a combination of strategies, including clean energy. He’s urging our federal politicians to come up with policies to move us forward. “Right now, in the United States Senate, we need to have the kinds of informed non-partisan or bipartisan discussions. This is a national security challenge. It isn’t gonna go away. We can’t just put our head in the sand. We need to get our elected officials to get their heads together and we need to have a good policy that makes sense for America, that will make us more secure and more proserous in the future.”McGinn is a member of the Military Advisory Board of C.N.A. They’re a non-profit research organization. The board released two reports on the topics of energy and climate change as threats to our national security.