New Bangor McDonald’s Opens On Main Street 

It’s called the next generation style of McDonald’s. Owner Gary Eckman says the construction of this new one on Main Street took less than 90 days. It replaces the old McDonald’s that stood right across the street. “What this one has is more capacity and more space,” says Eckman, “our old facility across the street was too small for the business we were doing and it was limiting our growth and limiting our ability to bring in new things as we expand the menu.”The grand opening drew quite a crowd. The Boy Scouts from Troop 44 and Cub Scouts from pack 21 in the Dedham/Holden area were on hand to help the Bangor-Brewer VFW raise the flag. Bangor Parks and Rec and the Maine Discovery Museum each received $1000 donations from McDonald’s.Eckman says he also wanted to pay tribute to the owners of the old Miller’s restaurant. He says the Miller family played a key role in getting this new McDonald’s up and running. “I wanted to do something special for the Miller family so we put up a nice wall display and some nice photographs of the old Miller’s Restaurant.”After the festivities the Boy Scouts were among the first hungry customers to get in line. So what did they think of the new McDonald’s? “It’s pretty good, yeah it’s good,” says Cub Scout Morgan Faulkner.Boy Scout Dane Kelly agreed. “It’s great. You get fast service the food is great.”Now that they’ve officially moved in, are there any plans for another move? “No this one is here to stay for awhile yes,” Eckman says.