Dedication of Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Emergency Center 

The new emergency center at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital opened four months ago.Thursday, the building was officially dedicated.Meghan Hayward was there…Folks gathered at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth for the dedication of the 10 million dollar F. Eugene Dixon Emergency Center.Edith Dixon was at the unveiling of the granite sign in memory of her late husband, a hospital benefactor.” Well my husband was born in Maine and therefore he’s always been a big supporter of Maine and its people. So the care of our people here was very important to him. We were here when the cornerstone was laid and when the hospital first opened and through all the other changes during the years.”The new center can serve 24,000 patients a year.And boasts a new LifeFlight helicopter facility, 2 new trauma treatment areas and 13 private examination and treatment rooms.” It brings quality healthcare. The wait times aren’t going to be as long which will improve quality. It brought some more jobs to the area which is part of the growth of this area.”The emergency room also has a new sterile processing center.” There’s more instruments being used, there’s more equipment. It’s what they call case carts. If somebody’s going to have a knee replacement they have a whole stainless steel cart full of specific instruments and the knee replacement piece itself and that can be sterilized completely in this processing center.”Dixon is pleased with the new sign that will always bare her husband’s name and recognize his commitment to the hospital.” My husband use to drive all the way from Philadelphia up here in the snow for board meetings, I never did that.”Everyone agrees the new center wouldn’t have been possible without the support of local residents and businesses.And they all say they hope folks can enjoy the new center without having to use it.” I hope when they look at it they walk in and say wow this is really something for this area and it gives them a feeling of confidence and comfort that they know they’re in a first-class facility that’s going to be able to meet their needs.”