Project to Help Inmates Transition to Community 

A new program in Waldo County is helping prison inmates transition back to the community.It’s called the Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Center.Inmates must have less than a year left on their sentence. The goal is to prevent them from re-offending.In the program, the inmates are known as residents. They are offered the chance to perform community service projects.One of them includes tending this one acre garden in Swanville. They’ll use some of the crops at the center, but a lot of it will be donated to local food banks.Center resident Antonio Giacomuzzi says “A big thing for me is coming here and seeing the plants grow because the more the plants grow the more I feel I’m growing as a person.” Fellow resident, Mike Cromwell says, “I think it’s a little about atonement, repairing some of the hurt that we caused amongst other people and it feels good to give back. It really does.”The garden was first planted about 2 1/2 months ago.Program organizers plan to expand it an acre each year, eventually using five acres.