Geocaching is catching on in Maine 

It’s a high tech treasure hunt being played by people all over the world, including right here in Maine. It’s called Geo caching and if you’re looking for Bangor resident Mike Marino, chances are you’ll find him searching. What’s he looking for? It’s called a cache. It’s what goecachers, like Marino, are always searching for. “Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt, but done by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world,” says Marino.Geocachers hide these different sized boxes in all sorts of places all over the world. There’s ususally not much value to what’s inside the cache. The log book is the big treasure. Once you find the cache you sign the logbook…the only rule? Then, the geocachers go to the website to spread the word to others. “They’ll put the coordinates of that cache and an explanation of why it’s there and give it a name and things like that,” says Marino.Geocachers like Marino download the coordinates for the cache to their handheld gps devices and the hunt is on. “I have a great time. Every chance I get I go out and do it. Some people are quite addicted to it. I know a few people in the area have about 5 or 6000 finds, which means they’ve gone out and found that many caches.”There’s a few thousand geocachers in Maine and around 500 caches hidden in the Bangor-Brewer area. But every geocacher, including Marino, has that one cache they’ve got their eye on. “Not on earth. There’s a cache on the space station. I’d like to go there and then I’d like to go to the moon and place a cache there. that would be really cool.”