David Archer Sentence 

A man from Bangor who stabbed his ex-girlfriend was sentenced Tuesday.David Archer pleaded not criminally responsible by reason of insanity at his trial last January, but jurors found him guilty of attempted murder.Meghan Hayward reports.” I wish I could go back and change it. If I could I would. I’m definitely sorry for what I did.”Thirty-five-year-old David Archer is referring to a stabbing on Hudson Street in Bangor nearly two years ago.Police found a 22-year-old woman bleeding from the abdomen.She told them the attacker was Archer.The victim and her mother read statements at the sentencing saying the ordeal has had a dramatic impact on their family.The victim said her basic trust for anyone has been stripped away and she doesn’t even dare go for a walk alone.”Well this is a situation in which the defendant stabbed his ex-girlfriend two times. These were life threatening injuries. She’s had to live with the scars both emotionally and physically and will continue to do so for a long time.”The state recommended 22 years in prison. The defense argued for 8 years.The judge sentenced Archer to 13 years.”We’re very pleased with the sentence. Thought the judge took into account many of the mitigating factors that we thought were important. We also felt that when you compare this sentence to other cases across the state that the court really took a very considered approach and really placed this case within the universe of potential cases.””We felt that the sentence that Justice Anderson did impose, although it was certainly in the range of what was a reasonable sentence. We felt it was on the low side.”One factor was whether or not Archer felt remorse for what he had done.The state argued that he did not, while the defense felt he did.At the sentencing, the judge said he believed he actually saw remorse from Archer when he made his statement.”We certainly think that he did. At trial he did testify that he believed he hadn’t done the actions and the whole reason for the trial was that we didn’t agree and still don’t agree that he intended to murder her.”Archer’s attorney, Stephen Smith says they will appeal.