Mitchell & Lepage Attend Bangor Parade 

Thousands of people, young and old, lined the streets in Bangor and Brewer for the annual July 4th parade. For some folks it was a chance to get their first up close look at the democratic and republican candidates for governor.This years parade had a little something for everyone. The Boy Scouts of America celebrated 100 years of scouting. Of course there was plenty of music and a special tribute to the veterans who marched by era and received perhaps the biggest round of applause.Folks of all ages seemed to enjoy the sunshine as much as the parade. “It’s amazing, says Michelle Lodgek of Bangor, “this is my grandsons first fourth of july parade. Actually it’s his very first parade. He’s 10 months old today. This is an exciting event!”For the republican and democratic candidates for governor it was one of their first chances since the primaries to get out and meet some of the voters. Face to face. “It’s a great day when you can celebrate your liberties,” says Republican Paul Lepage, “walking with Maine people and shaking hands and meeting all kinds of new people. The fourth is a very important day and we need to make sure that all people in maine celebrate it and enjoy it and the sun is with us.””I was particularly happy to walk with the veterans and meet them before the parade started,” said Democrat Libby Mitchell, “I started with a pancake breakfast with the community involvement, the Kiwanis Club put that on. But I love bangor and brewer working together. It’s just wonderful to be a part of this and I’m just happy as can be.” There’s no rest for either candidate. Lepage is off to Eastport for their 4th of July afternoon parade then to the Waterville-Winslow fireworks. While Mitchell is headed to the 4th of July parade in Freeport.