Maine Wing Civil Air Patrol Training Future Pilots 

The Maine Wing Civil Air Patrol was created in 1941.Originally, the unit assisted the military by defending the U.S. coastline during WWII.Over the past seventy years, the mission of the civil air patrol has taken on a different role, training some of the nations youngest cadets right here in Maine.It’s the second time the school has been offered in Maine.Cadets come in with no experience at all, and in seven days, if things go well, are turned loose go on a solo flight.The week-long academy is open to students 16 to 19 years old. Nearly 2,000 people applied. Only 12 were selected.A lot of cadets go on to be airline pilots, and some even go on to become astronauts.Last year, 25% of the academy’s cadets went on to get their pilots licenses. The national average is only 5%.