Three Injured in Meat Shop Explosion 

Three people taken to the hospital with burns after an explosion at a business in York Saturday evening have been treated and released.Crews were called to The Meat House on Route 1 around 4 o’clock for a report of an explosion and a fire.The fire was out by the time officials arrived, but three people, including two patrons, suffered second degree burns.The fire chief says a vendor was using a butane desktop burner to cook some hord doeurves when the burner ignited, creating a fireball big enough to set off the sprinklers.There is some water damage to the store.The state is now involved with the investigation.”We’re required to notify the maine department of agriculture. Where there are food stuffs involved because of possible contamination with the water and due to the explosion, some packaging may have been damaged on some of the goods that were contained within the store so just in the interest of public safety, we’ve notified those folks and they’ll be sending a representative,” said Chief Chris Balentine of the York Fire Department.The State Fire Marshal’s Office is also investigating the explosion.Officials say The Meat House will not reopen until investigators from both the fire marshal and the Department of Agriculture give the ok.