State Police Search for Evidence in Triple Homicide 

Maine State Police have divers as well as evidence technicians in Northern Maine searching for evidence related to a triple homicide in Amity.Maine State Police say an arrest has been made in connection with the fatal stabbings of a boy and two men.According to an affidavit, the man charged with the murders planned on moving in with a woman who had a child with one of the victims.A Maine State Police spokesman says 20-year-old Thayne Ormsby, who was staying in Orient, was charged Friday with three counts of murder.Ormsby has been arrested on a fugitive from justice charge in Dover, New Hampshire.An affidavit says Ormsby told police, he killed 55-year-old Jeffrey Ryan because he believed he was a drug dealer.It goes on to say Ormsby admitted to killing Ryan’s 10-year-old son, Jesse, and Ryan’s friend, 30-year-old Jason Dehahn.The bodies of the three were discovered on June 23rd.The document also reports, Ormsby told police he planned to move into Tamara Strout’s residence in Weston and live there with her 16-year-old daughter she had with Jeffrey Ryan. Ormsby will be held in Dover, New Hampshire until extradition proceedings are held sometime this week.