Whiting Community Food Pantry in Need of Donations 

A food pantry in Downeast is in need of the public’s help.As Meghan Hayward tells us, if the donations don’t start picking up they won’t be able to serve their entire area.The Whiting Community Food Pantry has more than 600 registered families.And served more than 700 individuals just last month.But the folks at the pantry say they won’t be able to help that many people for much longer.” FEMA’s been cutting us. This year they’ve cut us drastically. I think last year we had around $1,200 and they’ve cut us back to $800 this year.”The pantry depends on outside donations too and they say they’re just not receiving any.” Everyone is cutting back real bad. Some people that use to donate 10 or 20 dollars are not even doing that now. They’re here getting the food instead of giving the money because things are so tight.”Recently they’ve seen an increase in the number of people coming to the pantry.” Because the kids aren’t in school. So the children are coming here getting something.”Another challenge they’re facing, the increase in the cost of food.” We were getting like 12 or 14 dollars for a dollar at Good Shepherd now Good Shepherd is around 8 dollars for a dollar.”For folks who can donate.” We don’t care what they donate. We even have space for frozen food providing they get it here frozen so that it will stay frozen. Dry goods is the better thing.”If you would like to send a monetary donation to the food pantry, checks can be mailed to 340 US Route 1 Dennysville, ME 04628