Winter Harbor Fisherman Speaks About Fatal Boat Accident 

The Winter Harbor community is mourning the loss of a local fisherman after a boating accident Wednesday. Two fishing vessels collided off Schoodic Point, killing 71-year-old Frank Jordan.Wednesday we spoke with the captain of the other vessel, a fifth-generation fisherman, who says it’s the worst tragedy he could have imagined.Captain Phillip Torrey says Wednesday was a clear day on the water. He was headed back in, at the helm of the Master Simon, when it happened. He suddenly collided with the vessel, the Linda Diane.”There’s no way to explain it. There’s no way to explain why I didn’t see him, or when he left why he didn’t see me,” he says.Torrey says it happened fast, sinking the Linda Diane in a matter of seconds. They tried to save its captain, 71-year-old Frank Jordan, bringing him and his crewman ashore.”There’s no way to explain that feeling. Especially when you realize it’s a man you’ve known since you were little kids. And you’ve just done something like that. It’s nothing you ever want to feel,” Torrey says.He and others in town say Jordan, known as “Frankie” to many, was a well-respected fisherman.”There’s different bottoms named after fishermen and when you’re young, you look up to them and you see the guys that are going hard at catching lobsters, and he was one of them,” Torrey says. “Every town, every fishing community has one of those people that make it what it is and add to the history and the legend of it. He was definitely one of those.”They say Jordan was a man of faith, active in his church community, and will always be remembered as a good man to know.”He played the piano for the congregation, a real excellent man. Just one of the good old boys, you know?” says Spencer Joyce, of Swan’s Island. “It’s a tragedy, a terrible tragedy. But I feel, I believe, that God saw him and took him home.”The Coast Guard is investigating, but officials say there’s nothing to indicate the collision was anything but a sad accident.