Searsport Lady Celebrates 100th Birthday 

Bay View Manor in Searsport threw quite the celebration Thursday.One of their residents turned 100-years-old.Meghan Hayward was at the birthday festivities.”Dorothy just turned 100. I think it’s a big moment in her life. She’s exciting, she’s full of life so we figured we would celebrate her life.”Dorothy Catus had one request, to have jazz music at her party.”Well I happen to come from that era that jazz period. And I like jazz music.”Dorothy was born in Philadelphia, but has been in Maine for quite some time.She has vivid memories of her working days.”Worked mostly in New York. I was a department store buyer for most of my life.”Dorothy says she’s happy with her party, but can’t believe this is all for her.”It’s a surprise. I never imagined it.”Staff at Bay View Manor in Searsport say it’s the least they can do for her.”She brings to this home livelihood, happiness, full of life and adventure. It’s always an adventure with her everyday.”While Dorothy says she doesn’t really know her secret to reaching 100. The staff says they think they have the answer.”Love.”