Gas Leak Closes Part of Mt. Hope Ave 

A section of Mt. Hope Avenue had to be shut down for about an hour today after an excavator operator hit and ruptured a 2-inch gas main.The loud noise could be heard all around this neighborhood from around 11:00 this morning until just after noon.The excavator operator works for the Bangor Water District who had been installing an 8-inch water main at the intersection of Mt. Hope and Maple street.Bangor resident John Rice was watching the contstruction from in front of his house and witnesses the incident. Rice says he went back into his house and called 911. Bangor fire and police responded to the call.Officials from the Bangor Water District and Bangor Natural Gas on the scene said this was simply an accident. “The line was marked,” says Kathy Moriarty, general manager of the Bangor Water District. “Whenever you dig underground part of the procedure is to have all the underground utilities marked. The underground utilities were marked. We hit a marked utility.” Jerry Livengood, General manager of Bangor Natural Gas says it took a team effort to fix the problem quickly. “This is an example, again, of us as utilities working together. You know no one is perfect. Accidents do happen. There are coordination between utilities obviously we were notified, we responded. The police department was here, the fire department was here. We worked in collaboration. You know this is just a minor incident.”Only one home was affected by the incident. Bangor gas says they hope to have their service restored by the end of the day. No one was hurt in the incident.