Twilight Fans Pack Bangor Cinema for Sneak Peak 

Fans of the Twilight saga packed the Bangor Mall Cinema 10 for the opening of Eclipse, the third movie in the series.There were an estimated 1,200 tickets sold, including four sold out midnight shows and 4 sold out 2:45am shows.several local businesses were providing services at the theater, including A Total Look day spa doing vampire makeovers and Hot Topic selling Twilight gear.Deb Belisle, director of operations for the Cinema, says this is the biggest event the theater has ever seen. “We started off with the first one, “Twilight”, with the biggest midnight show we’ve had in the theater chain. Then “New Moon” was huge this past November and then now this is just amazing. The amount of people that she has that comes to this exceeds all of our other locations by five times.”Deb thanks Sue Bragdon, the district manager of the theater, for putting the event together and making it so successful.