Protecting Workers 

Folks got together to talk about the Protecting America’s Workers Act in Brewer this evening.The piece of legislation would strengthen the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA,which was formed in the 1970’s. This act would imposed tougher penalties on companies for violations or safety issues. Frank Gallagher, a representative from the National Council of Occupational Safety and Health, says as it stands now the average fine for an incident that leads to the death of a worker is only about four thousand dollars.Gallagher says part of the problem, is that OSHA has not changed much in the past 40 years.”The agency just hasn’t evolved. It’s a 20th century agency trying to monitor and protect a 21st century workplace, and it really is just over matched. This legislature would bring OSHA into the 21st century and give the administrators there the tools that they need to protect workers in America today,” explains Gallagher.For more information on the issue you can go to