Kids Make Music at Bangor Fast-Food Spot 

There’s a new spot to make music in Bangor and ever since it opened, people have been coming back for more. That is, when they can convince their parents to take them.The new play area at the Broadway McDonald’s in Bangor has been striking a popular chord because the equipment is designed to teach kids about music. Children can hear tunes from from countries around the world or make their own beautiful sounds. We’re told it’s been quite the hit with the knee-high set.”We brought them last week and they had so much fun we decided to come back and bring them again,” says Christina Demmons, who brought a car full of kids.”This new area we feel is a lot safer than the previous equipment, which is one of the advantages. It’s a lot easier for the young ones to play on,” says owner Gary Eckmann, “and it’s educational.”Eckmann says the play area is free and while anyone’s welcome, he expects it will help boost business.