Bangor Gymnast Loves Spirit Cheer Camp 

The three day Spirit Camp wrapped up today at UMaine. It’s for youth cheerleaders from first through 8th grade. Our own Tim Throckmorton spoke with one of the kids that was loving every minute of it.Tim Throckmorton – WABI TV5 Sports”This is Paige Risley. She’s from Bangor and the 11 year old is a gymnast by trade.”Paige Risley – Bangor Gymnast”I think I could do something really big with cheering and gymnastics at the same time.””Many of the kids here don’t have teams to cheer for.””I do cheering because I like to be loud and show spirit and its a good sport for me. I like gymnastics too and I can put the two together.””Tami Campbell runs the camp. She’s been teaching cheering for thirty years.” “She just loves it you can see improvement from last year she works on things she just loves it.””Cheering is also dancing, jumps, tumbling, stunting and routines. And for Paige is just a great fit for her world.””Cheering is a really good hobby. I could do something well with cheering I do gymnastics and tumbling is a good way to win trophies tumbling the routines and stuff.””She’s a natural. In Orono Tim Throckmorton WABI TV 5 Sports.”