UMaine Computers Hacked Close to 5000 Students Affected 

The US Attorney’s office as well as computer crimes experts from the Secret Service are helping UMaine authorities try to find out who hacked into their computers.At a press conference today on the UMaine campus school officials revealed details on the breach they discovered earlier this month. The hacked-into computers held information from UMaine’s counseling center. Sensitive data on nearly 5000 students has been exposed.Any UMaine student who used the counseling center between August of 2002 and June of this year is at risk.Over the next year UMaine will pay a credit monitoring service to keep an eye on the affected students’ credit and report any suspicious activity. Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Robert Dana says they’ve begun their investigation. “The criminals who make it their business to exploit our society’s needs and our ability to store information are beneath contempt. Because of this we are engaging all possible resources to find out the source of these attacks. We will not rest until we have completed a full and thorough and comprehensive investigation,” Dana says. School officials say the hacking took place from a remote location off campus. They’re still investigating to figure out just where and just who were involved.