Treasure Hunters Roadshow Comes to Bangor 

The Treasure Hunters Roadshow Has come to Bangor for the week.They’re looking for antiques and collectibles.Meghan Hayward has more.The Treasure Hunters Roadshow travels across the United States, Canada and Europeand represents more than 5-thousand buyers.Some of their hot items.”Toys, World War Two items. There’s just a wide variety of things. Music, as far as guitars, we’ll buy guitars. Gold jewelry. Gold is a melt thing. We always melt our jewelry down.”This is the first time they’ve stopped in Bangor.”Well we just got into Maine. Bangor is a town kind of in the middle of Maine and it’s got a good population. And we’re exploring.”They’ll be at Hollywood Slots all week and welcome everyone to stop by.”They’ll come in and fill out a registration form. If there’s a buyer available, they’ll sit down with them immediately. It’s a big misconception that we’re Antiques Roadshow. We’re not. They’re appraisers. We don’t appraise anything, none of us are appraisers. We represent buyers and make offers based on what those buyers are willing to pay.”Kori-Ann Watters found out about the event from her father.”I brought in some porcelain dolls that I’ve had for awhile and some comic books. Mostly costume jewelry and also a class ring.”Watters says they mainly bought her jewelry.”I was expecting a little bit more. But she was very informative of telling me what to hang on to and what I can throw away and when to come back.”Watters thinks it’s a great opportunity for Mainers to make some extra cash.”Very helpful. Especially as you know with the economy and that sort of thing it’s nice to be able to have something to clean out your closet, get rid of things and make some money out of it too.”