Quarry Reveals Quality Granite and Class Ring 

After 80-years of being untouched the Hallowell quarry is being mined again. Granite Works LLC owner, Lenny Nason bought the site in the late 70’s.The quarry rock has been used in prominent places including the state house and the pilgrim monument in Plymouth, Massachusetts.Over the past decade Nason sold small pieces of the granite, but recently he began draining the quarry to uncover the larger stones. The 77-year old says it’s a hobby that makes him happy.While pumping out water, parts of an old rail road car and track have been revealed.Granite isn’t the only thing that’s being discovered at the site though.After losing it 27 years ago, Jason Cottle, a Gardiner graduate found his class ring that he lost in 1983. “Where we had stopped digging, I flipped that next rock over and the ring was facing straight up looking at me.” Cottle says.