Blue Hill Memorial on the Road to Recovery 

After coming close to filing for bankruptcy, the Blue Hill Memorial Hospital is starting to recover financially.The hospital reported losses of more than four million dollars in 2008.The O.B. unit was closed last year, saving the hospital around a half-million dollars.26 full time positions were also cut to save money.For this fiscal year, the hospital posted a profit of nearly $400,000. “And I think that’s where Blue Hill is,” Said the hospital’s interim C.E.O., Dr. Erik Steele. “Blue Hill Memorial Hospital now has a very good shot at a strong future if it takes great care of its patients. If it runs its business well and if it provides services that its community needs. So I think that is where we are.” Dr. steele went on to say that the hospital needs to remain vigilant in order to keep the hospital running in the black.He’s hopeful the tide has turned and there will be no need for any more layoffs.