No Nudity for Diva’s 

Bangor city councilors held a workshop this evening to discuss a proposed change to an ordinance involving adult entertainment.Current city law doesn’t allow for the sale of alcohol in clubs with nude dancers.The owner of Diiva’s Gentleman’s Club, Diane Cormier, wants the rules changed so she can provide both drinking and naked dancers.A very emotional Cormier went before city councils once again and pled her case.After hearing Cormier’s reasoning, along with some public comment, city councilors took a poll. They voted not to discuss the issue further or send it to an official council meeting. Although the ordinance will remain the same, city councilor cary weston says it was important to go through this process. “I’m happy that the council saw it through the protocol that we have in place to review business requests to review ordinances and to look out for those who pay taxes in the city of Bangor. Regardless of how we feel about the independent issue, we have to take every issue at face value and see it through so I’m proud of the council for seeing it through and having this discussion.In a letter sent to TV5 news Cormier said she owes back rent and, if that’s not caught up, she might be evicted from her current location by the end of June.