Old Town Animal Orphanage Yard Sale — A Success! 

Cars lined the Airport Road in Old Town this morning as hundreds of folks made their way to a yard sale to support the Old Town Animal Orphanage. Shelter Manager Margaret Baker says there were people waiting to get in when they opened the yard sale at 9am.Folks gave the shelter items that were sold for donations. In the first hour alone, Baker says more than $1,000 was raised.She says the success of this fundraiser is just one example of how much the community cares about and supports the shelter.”It’s overwhelming. We’ve had people donate stuff, people buy stuff. Like I said, everything was donations and everybody was very generous. Very, very generous,” adds Baker.Baker says it takes about a dollar a day to feed each animal housed at the shelter. Right now there are 70 cats there.Many animals are adopted from the Old Town Animal Orphanage, but some live out their lives at the shelter.