Mobile Response Shelters 

Folks from the medical community came together in Brewer today at the EMHS Professional Center for a mobile response systems demonstration.Mobile Response Systems are large inflatable shelters that would be used in the event that hospitals were unable to handle a crisis.The systems are said to be durable and easy to assemble. Some can be put up in as little as five minutes.Kathy Knight, Director of the Northeastern Maine Regional Resource Center, says these shelters can be very useful in the event of a natural disaster or outbreak. “This kind of structure is so versatile that if we were able to purchase at some point this type of structure for utilization with the different hospitals it could be used in many many different ways for instance with H1N1 this could have been used as a screening tent.” There are many different shelter designs, including one created to handle infectious patients, one designed for decontamination, and one that provides privacy for a large number of patients.