Bangor High Grad Honored 

A Bangor High School graduate was honored at a school board committee meeting Wednesday evening, for winning a prestigious national science award.Rebecca Ye was named the U.S. winner of the 2010 Stockholm Junior Water Prize at a competition in St. Louis, Missouri.She competed against more than 40 other state winners.For her winning project, Ye used microbiology and nanotechnology to create a biosensor to quickly identify e-coli in water.She says this type of research is important in today’s world. “Water is a finite natural resource,” Ye told TV5 on Wednesday. “We can’t keep destroying it and abusing it. The B.P. Oil spill is a huge environmental problem and so we have to figure out a way to make this work for posterity, because we only have a set amount and if the population keeps growing we have to be able to manage it.”Ye received $3,000 and an all expense paid trip to Stockholm Sweden.There, she’ll compete against national winners from more than 30 countries for the international water prize.In addition, Bangor High School gets a $1,000 grant to enhance water science education.