Authorities Increase Efforts to Stop Drunk Boating 

Boaters who dare to drink and drive – beware.Game wardens and marine patrol officers will be working even harder this weekend to stop law breakers like that. It’s part of a national campaign called Operation Dry Water.Authorities will increase patrols on area waterways, looking for boaters who drink or use drugs, the drive. Officials say boat operators who are stopped are subject to sobriety tests.They say it’s never safe to get behind the wheel impaired, even in a boat.Lieutenant Kevin Adam with the Maine Warden Service says, “You get in, you add waves, wind, the drift factor of boats – add some alcohol to that – and typically we’ve had several fatalities over the years because of it.”Authorities will also be stopping boaters to let them know about the importance of life jackets.They say in 2008, more than two-thirds of the people in boating accidents across the country drown. And of those victims, 90 percent were not wearing life jackets. So far there have been two boating fatalities in Maine this year. We’re told both people who died didn’t have life jackets, either.