Passport to the World Camp 

Summer vacation includes travelling to a lot of countries for dozens of local kids, and they don’t even need to get on an airplane.They’re taking part in a camp being held at the UMaine Page Farm and Home Museum.”It’s mostly about different places in the world that we like travel to”The 37 kids, ages 5 to 10, are travelling to nearly a dozen countries this week…sort of.They’re being immersed in cultures, thanks to the Passport to the World Camp. Folks who now live in the area, but are from other countries are showing and telling the kids about their home countries.Wednesday the kids were learning about Japan.”One of their islands feels just like Maine so when you go there, you don’t feel homesick. Yeah.”The kids learn all kinds of interesting facts, get to make some neat crafts, and also get to try some good eats.”I like the food”That got mixed reviews.”Yeah it was good but I didn’t like the seaweed wrap.””It’s very tasty, but the seaweed is a little bit tasty.”The camp creator, Joanne Alex, is happy to see the kids take such interest in the different cultures, that’s the whole point.”I really believe strongly that what they get is an understanding of other cultures and how we’re more alike than different.”Although the some of the youngsters are already international travelers,”I’ve been to Canada.”this week might just inspire them to book trips to the countries about which they’re learning.”Because they sound exciting and then we see pictures of them. They look cool. So we want to go there. Yeah.”As far as the camp itself, it’s getting good reviews.”It’s very fun. I’d recommend it to anybody.”The camp is sponsored by the Maine chapter of Children International Summer Village and the Stillwater Montessori School.