Earthquake Felt in Waterville 

An earthquake rocked the Ontario-Quebec area of Canada today. The U.S. Geological Survey reports a 5.0 magnitude quake hit the region.They say areas of Vermont, upstate New York, Boston, and even Providence could feel rumblings.Some in Maine also felt the quake. There were reports in Portland, and some folks from Central Maine called TV5 to say they could also feel the quake.In Waterville, some people at the Salvation Army were even evacuated because of the quake.They say all of a sudden, it felt like their building was going back and forth.Bill Thompson, Core Officer Captain for the Salvation Army in Waterville, took quick action and told folks to head for the door.Thompson says knowing how to react in an emergency situation like this one, even if it seems unlikely to happen, is very important. “You always think about evacuation plans and what you should to in a fire and so forth and being my first earthquake, you really should take it seriously. Not only just listen, but learn it and actually do it because you never know when it’s going to be a real earthquake.”Thompson says he spoke with others in the area who felt the quake.Experts from the Weston Observatory in Boston say there have been a few aftershocks.No damage has been reported so far.