Lubec Residents to Decide Whether to Keep High School 

Wednesday, Lubec residents will vote whether to close their town’s high school. The school board this spring voted to close it after they lost nearly 600-thousand dollars in state aid.Tuesday, some people made their feelings on the issue clear.”Vote no, save our school…”They say they’re proud graduates of Lubec High School, parents and educators, who don’t want to see their high school’s doors closed.”It’s tearing the kids up. They don’t want to be transported. It comes down to people think of their wallets before the kids,” says parent, Traci McCaslin-McConnell.There are 36 students at the high school. If it should close, they would be bused to any of the other larger schools within an hour’s drive.”Enrollment’s dropping. We were reduced in funding 587-thousand dollars by the state, plus the curtailment,” says Superintendent Brian Carpenter. “Plus property values are going up, so we’re not catching up, we’re going behind.”Carpenter says eliminating the high school would reduce the budget by 396-thousand dollars, although that figure depends on the budget of the alternative organizational structure voters recently approved.He says no matter what’s decided, there are changes ahead.”There’s some hard feelings probably. There’s two factions in town of course. Those that want the school and those that don’t. They see it as an economic burden. And they look at the fact that you only get it one time. You go through high school once, elementary school once. You’ve got to get it right,” he says.It will be up to the residents to decide.”We have good, dedicated teachers and we need to work harder. We can do just as good a job here as anywhere else,” says resident, Richard Hoyt.While some were vocal about what losing their high school would do to their town, many tell us they’re not sure which way the vote will go.