Kids Learn about Wet Weather 

Weather was the topic of conversation at the Bangor Public Library Tuesday morning.More than two dozen kids and some adults learned about wet weather from TV 5’s own Chris Ewing.It’s all part of the Bangor Public Library’s 2010 Summer Reading Program.The kids learned about rain, snow, sleet, and all the other wild weather we see here in Maine.The youngsters had lots of questions for Chris and many had their favorite type of weather.”I just have always been fascinated by rain and I really like snow and all sorts of precipitation. It’s just something fun I like to do,” said 10-year-old, Camryn Mcgarry.”Seeing when there’s thunderstorms coming and when there’s not,” added 8-year-old, Ethan Grover.The kids got the chance to talk with Chris after the presentation and event got an autographed photo of him.