Former Red Sox Players Stop by Bangor For Charity Baseball Game 

It’s the biggest annual event that the Bangor professional fire fighters put together. The Local All-Stars against Boston Red Sox alumni.On Saturday, a packed Mansfield Stadium brought in an estimated $35,000 for firefighters. That money then gets donated to local charities and families in need. Among the Red Sox alums there, Oil Can Boyd, Sam Horn and former UMaine standout Jeff Plympton. The Sox alums won the game 9-4.Ken Ryan – Red Sox Alumni”It’s been great, great time, great people. Always a great time everytime we come back to Bangor.”Prescott Rossi – WABI TV5 Sports”Who is your favorite player out there tonight?”Andrew Raye – Red Sox Fan”Big Sam. He’s a big hitter, I like him. He’s sorta like Big Papi and I like Big Papi.”Dan Landers – Bangor Fire Department”It was a tough go, I gotta tell ya, we were to the point where we were going to lose and then it turned out we did lose. I’ve been on the department for 13 years and we’ve lost by a hare’s breath every year. It was a great time. I think everybody had a fun time. I know I had a great time.”