Sail Power and Steam Museum Opens in Rockland 

Men of Maine who sailed the great schooners of the 19th century lived life differently than most. But a new museum that opened this weekend in Rockland is working to keep those sea lovers arts and skills alive.The Sail Power and Steam Museum sits on the site of the old Snow Shipyard. It houses room after room filled with treasures from Maine’s early shipbuilders.The museum’s founder, Captain Jim Sharp, shares their stories, ranging from disasters on the high seas to the tools of the trade. “The men that did this kind of thing, they’re no longer around,” Said Capt. Sharp. “So there are only very few of us left that are delving into that kind of experience. So in our museum we have examples of all this kind of art.”This weekend the museum offered live music and all sorts of exhibits, including model building, timber hewing, and fancy rope work.You’ll find the museum at 75 Mechanic Street in South Rockland. You can log onto, for more information.