Obama Health Official Tours Brewer Medical Center 

One out of every six Mainers relies on community health care centers for their medical needs.And starting next Tuesday, Brewer will be a destination point for a number of them.Today, a top member of the Obama health administration got to tour the new Penobscot Community Health Care facility on outer Wilson Street.Joy Hollowell tagged along and shows us all that’s available.=========The paint is still drying in many of the rooms, but in a little more than a week, Penobscot Community Health Care’s newest facility will be open for business.Monday, the head of the federal Health Resources and Services Administration toured the Brewer Medical Center. Dr. Mary Wakefield is checking out health care facilities across the country, to determine what is working and what is not, when it comes to quality medical care.”I couldn’t be more excited by what I saw touring the facility,” says Dr. Wakefield. “It’s clearly patient friendly, in terms of how it’s structured, it has an army of services that will be available through it.”Brewer Community Clinic, as well as Stillwater Family Medicine and Extended Care Services in Bangor are now under this same roof. The new facility will house physician offices, as well as an x-ray lab, physical and occupational therapy, psychiatric services, a pharmacy and walk-in care. The focus is on preventative care, hopefully avoiding a visit to the emergency room.”That emergency room care is definitely the most expensive care to deliver,” says Congressman Mike Michaud, who also toured the Brewer Medical Center Monday. “With this facility being open 7 days a week, with doctors on call 24 hours a day, that will help to lower the cost of health care.”PCHC was given $1.29 million dollars from Uncle Sam to help build the medical center. Money that came from the Federal Recovery Act.”Folks with hammers and nails, laying carpet, which is really what the recovery act is all about too,” says Dr. Wakefield, as she watched workers put the finishing touches on the medical center. “Providing health care services, but also providing jobs. And that’s what we’re seeing here, hand in hand, it’s a great day.”=======The Brewer Medical Center is 28,500 square feet.There will be 16 new full time jobs, with four more expected by the end of the year.There are about 30 providers on site.