Hampden Approves Medical Marijuana Moratorium 

Hampden town councilors have approved a 180-day waiting period before allowing the town to be available as a possible site for passing out medical marijuana as well as growing it.State leaders have divided Maine into eight territories, allowing for a medical marijuana dispensary in each one of them.They are currently taking bids.Hampden town leaders say there are just too many questions right now to put themselves into the mix.”What became obvious to us is that in terms of ordinances and land use regulation, that is not something that we had considered when the land use ordinances were developed,” says Hampden Town Manager Susan Lessard. “And in reviewing these ordinances, there’s very little protection for any district from the location of one.”Before last night’s vote, Hampden residents were allowed to speak out about the moratorium.The town’s attorney was also on hand to answer any questions about the medical marijuana law.