Camp CaPella Opens for the Summer 

As the first day of summer got underway Monday, so did a summer camp in Dedham. Camp CaPella serves kids with disabilities. And this morning, they got started with a splash.Ask the kids around here and many will tell you, their favorite thing to do…”I like to swim,” says 11-year-old Jewel.”And get myself cold!” says 7-year-old Sharla. A splash in the lake. That’s quickly followed by arts and crafts, games on the lawn, and just getting in the swing of summer.”A person asked me not long ago, ‘What’s your favorite part of your job?’ I said it’s the first day of camp. Because by golly, we made it. This is sort of a ‘We made it,’ day,” says the camp’s executive director, Dana Mosher.Mosher says every year they have to raise the 196-thousand dollars it takes to run this camp, which provides fun and learning experiences for people with disabilities.And he says thanks to donations and corporate sponsorships, this year’s fundraising is on track.”It’s a challenge every year. But it’s the community that made this day possible,” he says.That includes volunteers like Kenn Kelly. He was helping out Monday with coworkers from Best Buy.”My coworkers and I decided it was something that was really worthwhile doing. And we’ve given up our Mondays off to come out and pitch in wherever they need us,” Kelly says.Mosher says they are still raising money and also still taking applications for campers this year.”We’ve never turned anyone away because of lack of funding and we don’t intend to. Because that’s what this place is about,” Mosher says.The folks here say it’s all so more kids can discover things they never thought they could do.”This is one of those organizations that makes sure they don’t fall through the cracks. That they get the chance to experience a week at summer, just like everyone else,” Kelly says.”I feel happy,” Jewel says. “Because I just love camp.”To find an application, or for more information, you can go to the camp’s website,