Bangor Reading Program “Makes a Splash!” 

A new reading program set sail at the Children’s Department in the Bangor Public Library Monday.Chelsey Anderson dove in.”All ready to jump in? One, two, three! Fsshhh!”Families made their way to the Bangor Public Library for the kickoff of the “Make a Splash” Summer Reading Program.The first presenter was Phil Averill, but we’ll call him, the “Ocean Guy.”The “Ocean Guy” started his professional life as a fisherman, but made his way into educating others.Phil Averill, “Ocean Guy”-“If you think about it, we’ve been to the moon six times. We’ve been to the bottom of the ocean once. Everybody’s interested in learning about the ocean.”Jim Balm, Has Two Sons in the Reading Program- “This is a great program. It’s going to be real informative to them. They’re going to be able to come this summer and learn about the oceans, all the different reading things and the reading aspect as well.”The Summer Reading Program offers a range of activities for kids, like playing learning games with a blow-up globe.Joshua, 6 years old- “I figured out that there was more ocean than land.”Natalie, 8 years old- “We learned all the oceans. The Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian, the Southern, and the Arctic.”And learning about camouflage, shells, and spines on sea creatures through hands-on activities.Natalie, 8 years old- “The coolest part was getting to hold some underwater creatures.”Natalie’s and her sister, Annie’s, favorite was the starfish.Annie Bickerstaff, 6 years old- “On one side it felt bumpy, and on one side it felt soft and bumpy.””That’s prickly.” Joshua Balm, 6 years old- “I knew one thing. That they had eyes on the end of their legs. I didn’t know that urchins moved. I didn’t know that there was such thing as a spider crab.”The “Ocean Guy” invites children from zero- to 99 to his presentation.Phil Averill, “Ocean Guy” – “It’s fun and you get to learn something and the parents enjoy this just as much as the kids did.” And the mother of two veteran reading program daughters says it’s fun to come back year after year.Amy Bickerstaff, Has Two Daughters in the Reading Program – “It’s free, it doesn’t cost you anything. The library is a wonderful service to the people in this area.”To find out more about the “Ocean Guy” visit his website www.oceanadventure.orgOr to learn about the summer reading program check out the Bangor Public Library’s website if you visit the library Tuesday, June 22, at 10, WABI’s own meteorologist Chris Ewing will be there to talk Wet Weather.