Open Farm Day 

Wayne Harvey

In Gouldsboro, visitors to the Darthia Farm had the chance to see where some of the products at a farmers market came from.The folks there opened up their farm to show their customers how things work.The Darthia Farm has been certified organic for three decades now, and they also have a store there to sell their goods.Tours were given via wagon rides, samples of their prodcuts were given out as well.Co-owner Cynthia Thayer said this open farm day started to give their customers a chance to have a closer relationship with the farm. ” I think people are curious and when they come to the store just to buy food, we’re always very busy and I know and I can tell sometimes people would like to say can you show me around, but we’re always so we busy so we can’t so this has just been put aside these few hours so that we can show people around and answer their questions and take them out to see the animals, and the gardens and tell them how things are grown.”In the past any where from 100 to 200 visitors have shown up to take a tour of the farm and to learn more about it.There were also spinners on site using the wool that is collected on the farm.The store is open until mid October from 8 until 5 Monday through Friday and Saturday from 8 until noon.